# Wick V4.6.0


This version offers new things, deprecates few things and provides support for Discord's new features.

# Web Verification

There's a new mode added where your members are taken to this smooth website where verification happens outside of dms, outside of your server, in all neatness. This is super ideal for large servers that get a lot of joins, NFT servers that prefer if their members disabled their dms to avoid dm scams :)

  • Web verification requires your action to be set to none (w!v none ?set 2).
  • Web verification requests you to have at least 1 main role (like @member).
  • To start using web verification, use the command w!v web ?set 6.
  • When you are using the web mode, clicking on Verify sends a hidden message with a button that takes you to Wick's verification website, you'll need to login (quick login), an internal validation is made to decide if you are worthy of verifying or not.
  • If you have at least one main role assigned to your account in the server, you are already verified in the eyes of Wick
  • Server owners + extra owners will be delivered a message that they can't verify.

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# Text In Voice Support

Wick now handles and moderates messages sent in Voice text channels. The newest feature Discord introduced recently. It's worth noting that Wick won't execute commands in these channels unless it's the w!purge command.

# Changing webhook handling

  • If a webhook has an owner, the owner's whitelist status is merged with the webhook whitelist status owner_whitelist || webhook_whitelist
  • If a webhook is not found in cache, only the webhook_whitelist is considered (instead of doing nothing)
  • When Wick goes after the recently made webhooks after a heat trigger, webhooks owned by EO/TA/Immune/Popular Bots are safe.
  • User webhooks have no owner_whitelist as user webhooks have exposed tokens compared to bot webhooks.

# Deprecations

  • Emoji antinuke filters have been fully deprecated.
  • Emoji backups have been fully deprecated.
  • Bot verification has been deprecated, Wick's verification will no longer quarantine bots added to the server in favor of joingate's superior Bot Addition filter that you should absolutely use.

# Fixes

  • A major issue related to timed action never expiring has been identified and fixed.
  • Stickers heat filter issues have been fixed.
  • Several backend fixes.

# Anything else?

  • Well, We have a lot of updates coming this summer. Some that we actually have finished, some that we are finalizing. You are in for a ride ;)
  • Special thanks to the Bug Hunters, our Pioneers and lastly our beta testers for their lovely help.